Friday, February 8, 2008

High Rezolution

So, I was sitting at my desk this weekend feeding an indispensable and overwhelming boredom by scanning the internet until it, to me, ran dry. So, before Sunday's Superbowl and...other post... I turned to this white, vertical mesh of plastic and metal on my desk called an Xbox 360. Assassin's Creed? I thought. No, not yet. I need to be in a mood to play that. Usually a repetitive mood, but a mood, nonetheless. Mass Effect? No...I haven't started that yet, and I need to finish at least one of the other games I have in progress before I mount that Behemoth. I wanted something short but new, so, thanks to the previously mentioned internet-scouring, I zipped to the XBLA and stared intently at Rez HD.

I grabbed the demo. 5 Minutes after firing that up, I bought the game. It'd be easy to describe the game thusly: You're a guy (girl?) that flies through a world of stuff and shoots at... things. But that wouldn't hardly do the game justice. Go ahead, stare at that screenshot up there and try to figure out what's going on. With the plethora of reviews spread over the internet, there's no reason for me to add to them except to say this: go get the demo, and if it slightly piques your interest, buy it. It's 10 bucks. Don't buy pizza that week if you're on edge. This game will reward you more. And for me to place something above pizza, it must be something special.

I also had a stick of memory die on me over the weekend (hooray for Newegg RMAs), so I'm stuck on 1 gb, and thus, am back on XP (not that there's anything wrong with that--I use Vista for DX10 games only, trust me). But the plus side to loading back to my XP install (I have dual boot) was that I re-noticed a little gem a friend of mine had given me a few weeks back sitting on my desktop--the zip file of Super Columbine Massacre RPG!. For most of you, this will be old news, and admittedly, it is for me, too. But for the rest of you...Yes, some wonderful asshole (I use the term loosely) made a game based on that whole thing.

Now, I work at my college's tech department in the faculty service desk fixing (faculty) PC issues, etc. It was here that I decided to play this game for the first time. Over the hour or so I played it pretty much everyone in the vicinity of my desk stopped by to stare at the amazingly "offensive" game. The creator used RPG Maker 2000 to craft the game, but the real effort goes into the pictures and presentation, rather than the gameplay. It's the little things: if one of your characters (Eric or Dylan, the two boys who shot up the school back in '99) equips a copy of Doom, for example, they get benefits to their accuracy. And MIDI renditions of Nirvana, Marlyn Manson, and Radiohead ("Creep") tracks as background music? Too funny.

Unfortunately, once the massacring sets in, the game gets kinda stupid. After all, you have shotguns, pipebombs, knives, semiautomatics, and rifles while everyone else has...nothing (a slight nod to reality). I don't know about later in the game, but I don't have the patience to bare through monotonous gameplay (Undertow), so I stopped after a short while. Regardless, it kept me occupied for a good hour or so, and I laughed in the face of controversy, so, go check it out yourself, if you want to see what I'm talking about. Again, I know that it's old as old can be old, but fuck it. I thought it was cool.

That's all for now. Go try Rez HD. Go. GO.

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