Thursday, April 17, 2008


So as I'm typing this I'm hanging out at the local hospital--Atlanticare's mainland facility. Well, no, "hanging out" isn't quite right. People don't hang out at hospitals, do they? Ah yes, I've been "admitted." Admitted is the word.

Friday I woke up with a horrible pain in my chest, shortness of breath, and wheezing. I almost passed out in the shower (that's right, I shower). But after lying down for another half an hour, I felt much better. I figured I sat up too fast, pulled a muscle in my chest (diaphragm?). So I went to work... my chest hurt, but it slowly got better throughout the day. Sleeping was a pain, but again, after a little bit, it was okay, and I was knocked out no problem.

Saturday was better, and Sunday even ..more..better. Betterer, if you will. But after Sunday, there was no improvement. There wasn't a change for better or worse, but my chest just...wasn't right. If I could compare it to something tangible...I'd say it'd be like a D cup girl suddenly waking up with B cups---sure you still have boobs, yeah, but just isn't the same. You understand.

So I decided to get it check out. The local doctor I saw said that one of my lungs wasn't getting as much air as the other, and I should go to the hospital and get a chest x ray at the least. So off i skipped to the hospital, wheezing and sputtering all along the way. After waiting only a few minutes at the ER (gasp!) I was taken in and x rayed and gol-ly! I had a collapsed lung.

I needed a chest tube. It was going to hurt. Fuck. Well, I got through all that, and I still have the tube between by 6th and 5th ribs. But I get painkillers every so many hours and some really interesting-looking fluid has been filing this bubbling device sitting on the floor behind me. A note to the world, though...chest tubes hurt, so they weren't lying about that. Even with more anesthetics floating under my skin in the immediate area to make a stab wound feel "casual," it was hellish. Don't want to do that again, I can tell you that.

Unfortunately, I haven't touched a videogame since I've been here. My PSP died and I don't have the charger, and this laptop blows. Not to mention that the painkillers I've been taking have been so intense that...I...oooOOoo...look at the lights....they're...they're

Hm? What?

Oh, yes. Well. Hopefully I'll be out Tuesday. And hopefully by then I can laugh without it hurting. Wouldn't that be nice.

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